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Ayan Said

Ayan Said is a global intersectionality consultant, spoken word artist and the founder of Voicing Voices, a gender equity consultancy. As a social entrepreneur and project manager in London, she works with FinTech leaders to implement the SDGs, ESGs and aims to humanise our workplaces within three generations.

Ayan combines education and raising awareness with capacity building using a systemic framework that considers our multifaceted identity as human beings. She is a passionate facilitator and believes in the power of innovative design thinking as a tool to co-create sustainable solutions with clients and partners. As a youth advocate, she has opened summits at the UN, participated in policy development in the UK and voiced the voices and needs of marginalised communities in decision-making spaces.

She has spent a large portion of the last 10 years travelling to different parts of the world to understand how culture and globalisation has influenced the disparities that have hindered the wellbeing of society and our potential to progress collectively.

Ayan is now working on key long-term purposeful projects and initiatives to transform cultures, bridge gaps and ensure an inclusive world where no one is suffering in silence, unheard and unseen.

Twitter @becomingayan

Twitter @voicingvoices

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