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A festival for inspiration, reflection, collaboration and action. A step towards making a difference, both personally and in business.

Goodfest past, present and future

Our first “creative conversations on the beach” festival in 2019 was an experiment in the theory that bringing a group of people interested in creating change together in an inspiring place could inspire something different. It lead to some fantastic collaborations organically. Our plans for an annual in-person get together were diverted by COVID, so years 2 and 3 took place digitally resulting in the creation of the Sustainable Creative Charter. In 2022, having set up as a CIC to formalise our work and involve a wider range of voices in building the community, we were back together in person at the Bedruthan Hotel and tackled the theme of Triple A – Authenticity, Accessibility and Affordability. #GF24 will mark our 6th year!

Who is
it for?

Goodfest is for communicators, founders, teams, agencies, change-makers, decision-makers, those who are curious, those who try to make a difference and share how. Those who want to make a difference but are not sure how. Those who can influence others with their work. Those who want to learn how to move to the next step. Those who want to hang out with inspirational people already leading the way. Those who need to re-charge, re-imagine, re-connect for the future ahead. Those who love a good conversation between the conversations.

It’s a perfect opportunity to meet inspiring people with whom you can share and learn as well as sceptical thinkers who will challenge you. Somewhere to get yourself out of your day to day mindset and provoke some debate about the difference you can make.

How did
it start?

In 2018 a group of creatives got together to try to work out what they could do to make a difference in a world that is at threat from many forces. We wanted to delve more into uncovering and understanding what these threats were and how they affected us, to investigate what ‘sustainable change’ means and most importantly, to see if we could share this journey with the world.

Along the way, we have met many like-minded organisations and individuals and haven’t felt so alone in our quest. We have realised that there are many people out there who feel the same and want to know how to be agents of change rather than merely a bemoaner of the current state of affairs. We have also met many people who are already ahead of us on their journey and are working tirelessly to shape our future for the better.

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