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‘The power of creativity’. We hear that phrase a lot, so much, it’s become a bit of a cliché phrase, hasn’t it? And yet, we need powerful creativity more than ever.

The challenges society faces today require us to think radically different. To address them, we need creativity, compassion and collaboration. We need to contest the status quo, be brave enough to dismantle a faltering system and be smart enough to rebuild it with regeneration at its heart.

This is why Goodfest is so essential. I’ve been on the Goodfest journey since its inception, either as a sponsor, speaker, or both. The event itself feels like a form of activism. It encourages creative thinkers, expert agitators and defiant disrupters to come together, collectively reimagine a future, and commit to a course of action to manifest it.

It’s an opportunity to learn, argue, engage and act. But, beyond the event itself, there is a longer-lasting community that becomes a nurturing source of continuous inspiration.

As a brand activism agency founder, it makes sense that we’re a part of such a moment. Don’t Cry Wolf has been built on the shoulders of ideas and values that seek to change the way we live and empower us all to usher in a more sustainable world. This year, we are back as a headline sponsor of Goodfest, and I am back as one of the speakers where I will be exploring the impact of misinformation in the climate crisis debate.

I can’t help but think that Goodfest 2022 is the most important yet, but that will be down to each individual at the event to lean in and show that the power of creativity is not a throwaway cliché but a force for good.

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