Goodfest Transforming Your Inner Story for a Good Life

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What question are you tackling?

What do we need to let go of, and cultivate inside of us, in order we can recognise and nurture a good life?

What will the audience do in the time?

From the beach, participants will experience what happens inside when we become fully present, grounded in nature through an opening mindfulness exercise. They’ll hear me talk briefly about the Inner Development Goal Framework, how we cannot solve the problems the world is facing with the same mindset that created them. How mindfully nurturing our ‘inner stories’ is essential if we wish to create conversations that inspire change.

Participants will be guided through a 5 step process (awareness, acceptance, examination, challenge, letting go) that will involve, weather permitting, creating a small fire. Once this first part is complete, participants will be invited to re-examine their inner stories, creating a powerful collection of ten ‘I am’ statements.

What will they leave with?

A lightness of being, a renewed sense of the possible and a powerful revision of their inner stories to take away and consolidate into a solid foundation to their work. A handout explaining the process, a list of their I am statements and information on how to access and use the Inner Development Goal Framework.

Rhian Sherrington

About Rhian Sherrington

Rhian Sherrington is a leadership and career coach for individuals and organisations interested in people, planet, and purpose. Her fascination with how our inner world affects our abilities to create positive impact in the outer world led her to the Inner Development Goals Framework. She now facilitates learning environments for her clients wishing to discover and cultivate the traits, skills, and attributes necessary for regenerative leadership and impactful, flourishing teams.

A published author and speaker, Rhian is the founder of Women in Sustainability (WINS), a global women’s network of sustainability professionals on a mission to impact positive change and influence. Rhian lives on the edge of the Gower and enjoys being mum to two teenagers and one welsh sheepdog.

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