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Late Nite Art is an interactive experience for people to connect one-to-one while in a big group through conversations and creativity. The audience sit at long tables covered in paper with art supplies, flowers and candles. The participants receive prompts from the facilitator and engage in conversations, storytelling and artistic activities with the person opposite for the duration of a song, they then move one seat to the right and continue with a new partner. It becomes a group collaborative experience producing deep connections, shared wisdom and joyful spontaneity. The emphasis is not on the artwork but the connections forged in the process. The questions can be adapted to suit the theme.

Gani Naylor

About Gani Naylor

Gani is an international creative facilitator, storyteller and filmmaker. He believes in the transformative power of art and creativity to bring about positive change for individuals and communities. With a career spanning advertising, the charitable sector, youth empowerment and leadership coaching, Gani is able to feel at home in any setting and brings an atmosphere of safety, comfort and a joyful sense of expanded possibilities. Raised in North Cornwall and now based in St Agnes he is keen to offer his unique skill set and experience for the benefit of the creative communities of Cornwall.

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