Goodfest How To Be Happy At The End Of The World

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We’ll explore how non-violent communication, empathy, mindfulness and a systems view of life can change the way we see the world, ourselves and others to better foster regeneration. We’ll also explore what this means for business, how it can transform marketing and maybe even change the economy for good.

The audience will learn how to map their emotional needs, understand how to identify the feelings associated with those needs being met and unmet, identify the stories that shape the perceptions of their needs being met or not and the core beliefs that give rise to the stories. In doing so, we’ll look at the power of narratives to change beliefs and shift paradigms so that people leave with a new understanding of how we create our own realities.

Rob Harrison-Plastow

About Rob Harrison-Plastow

Rob is a strategic marketer and researcher helping advertisers, campaigners and marketers to do their best work based on deeply empathetic customer and citizen insights. He also helped launch Just Stop Oil and the Climate Majority Project, spent several years at the University of Exeter with a specialism in transformative learning for sustainability and lives in St Agnes, Cornwall.

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