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Good Thinking: Harnessing the Radical Power of Your Imagination

Led by Joey Clifton

Now, as we face the poly crises, harnessing the power of our imaginations is more important than ever. Because, everything begins as an idea. Yet, our ability to creatively and expansively dream and imagine – while brilliant and innate – are in large part untapped. Which is what we’ll be exploring in this workshop: How […]

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Animism and the Art of Dreaming

Led by Lisa Telfer Brunton

How can animism help us to dream big and act now? 99% of humans who have walked this Earth were animists. In these modern times we are the 1%. My workshop will begin with a short talk on the importance of connecting with our animistic past and intuition, and of experiencing the world as part […]

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Medicine Words

Led by Frank Escamilla

How do you dream in a world on fire? How do you find creativity in a crisis? How do you make space for the pieces of you that don’t feel like they fit? How do we plant seeds of hope in the dark? In these changing times of uncertainty the world needs the magic that […]

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