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A list of the workshops from Goodfest 2023


Visible mending for clothes, hearts and minds

Led by Lisa Matzi

In a world dominated by consumerism to repair is a revolutionary act. To pick up a needle and thread is a miniature protest against throw away culture. In this workshop participants will learn the basic mending skills needed to take care of their own clothes. We will mend clothes by darning holes with colourful thread, […]

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From Anxiety to Agency

Led by Hannah Hooper

Force of Nature’s Anxiety to Agency workshop is a 90-minute classroom to help young people turn climate anxiety into agency. This supports young people (ages 16-30) to understand the relationship between mental health, mindset and climate change; map their mental and emotional landscape, including the barriers to taking action; and hone in on the problem […]

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Nature, A Toolkit for a better life

Led by Jessica Ferrow

Do you notice how sometimes, things just seem to flow? What if there was a way to organise your life, your work, your day, or your activities with less risk of burnout and instead more time for reflection, creativity and connecting with people and nature? There is a secret rhythm to all life, it’s all […]

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Transforming Your Inner Story for a Good Life

Led by Rhian Sherrington

What question are you tackling? What do we need to let go of, and cultivate inside of us, in order we can recognise and nurture a good life? What will the audience do in the time? From the beach, participants will experience what happens inside when we become fully present, grounded in nature through an […]

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Challenging Convention with Creativity to Plan a Creative Heist

Led by Thad Cox

By the end of 90 mins they will be about to plan out an entire Creative Heist using creative thinking to challenge conventional thinking. This includes knowing the Target, Score, Plan, Team and Set Up. They will also walk away with the tools needed to apply this kind of creative thinking to anything they face, […]

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How to grow a woodland!

Led by Rai Lewis

We use our workshop to demonstrate to attendees the difficulties we face in establishing woodland in the face of dramatic climate change.

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How To Be Happy At The End Of The World

Led by Rob Harrison-Plastow

We’ll explore how non-violent communication, empathy, mindfulness and a systems view of life can change the way we see the world, ourselves and others to better foster regeneration. We’ll also explore what this means for business, how it can transform marketing and maybe even change the economy for good. The audience will learn how to […]

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Big Kid Energy Energy: Stay motivated from the inside-out

Led by Lucy Hawthorne

Rather than only keeping ourselves motivated by a moral calling to act, this workshop will help creatively explore how to tap into our intrinsic motivation and that of others – through play – and what that means to each of us. Think of this session as hydration for the sustainability soul. If you are feeling […]

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Grow a tail – a guided journey into remembering our wildness

Led by Evva Semenowicz

As we work to heal planetary crises, remembering our own wildness becomes a vital component of rejuvenating our capacity for action and the ancient wisdom deep within to guide our action in service to life. We will journey deep into the dark, fertile soil and to meet our wild wisdom and our more-than-human family, bringing […]

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Late Nite Art

Led by Gani Naylor

Late Nite Art is an interactive experience for people to connect one-to-one while in a big group through conversations and creativity. The audience sit at long tables covered in paper with art supplies, flowers and candles. The participants receive prompts from the facilitator and engage in conversations, storytelling and artistic activities with the person opposite […]

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Get Wylder at Goodfest

Led by Kate Nicholls

We will give attendees exclusive access to the ‘Get Wylder at Goodfest’ challenge on the new Wylder app. This challenge will help attendees to engage with nature and feel in the present moment, helping them to make the most of their experience at Goodfest and leave with an increased appreciation for how engaging with nature […]

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